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September 15 - 21 2019


Zagreb Croatia


The Balkan Photography WOrkshop -

discovering zagreb, Croatia

"Photography offers those who practice it enthusiastically, a great gift to explore the world. "

Richard Kelly


Join Us:

The camera is a passport into worlds unknown. This is true whether in your neighborhood or a one a world away. The camera is an excuse to explore, to follow your curiosity, to make a new friend, to capture light, texture and line through a frame of experience.

This September, Stephen Seliy and I will leap from our local neighborhoods to the streets of Zagreb, Croatia; we hope you will join our group of like-minded photographers. For one week we will collectively focus our lenses on this Eastern European city that is both simple and complex. The vast region's history is now transforming from post-communism and the war of the 1990s into the complexities of the modern global economy.

We will take in all that Zagreb has to offer us visually. We are on a quest of discovery where there will be opportunities for each photographer to create a unique collection of work. Steve has arranged for access to historical locations, a unique contemporary art museum with an intelligent and vibrant guide to show us the way, we will connect with a local photographer, visit art galleries and the experience the vibrant cafe culture. As a photographer, I am interested in the culture, the people, the architecture and the food.

There will be more information to come as we firm up the details.

Richard Kelly, Pittsburgh April 9, 2019